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If you are an online casino game fan, then you will be familiar with slots, table games, and card games, however, Epic Gems is not like any of these games at all.  On Epic Gems, you will find no reels, cards or chip. Instead, it is a selection game where you pick gems to try reveal prizes.  The game is a sci-fiction game, and it is set against a spacy backdrop.  You will start on the home screen, where you are presented with a graphic to pick your stake and a basic instruction on how to play the game.

Our Verdict: Epic Gems is a typical game by Gamevy.  Gamevy is now well-known for this original style of game where people select their stake per shot and then try to select the right icons to win prizes.  The game's concept is simple. However, it works well and makes a fun and enjoyable game with big potential prizes.  Epic Gems also looks good, and the swirling vortex graphics are well thought out.  The eerie sound effects that play also works well with the theme of the game and adds an extra layer to the gameplay.  Players of all wallet sizes can also enjoy it Epic Gems with a large bet range available.

How to Play: Epic Gems is a modern take on an instant win game.  To begin players will select their stake on the home screen graphic.  You will then be taken to a screen displaying a large grid of 40 gems of all colours on it, including red, green and blue.  Now what you have to do is select these gems, which will cause them to shoot into the vortex and spin revealing a cash amount.  This cash amount gets added to the total pot at the side of the reels.  Players will continue to do this until they cash out or hit one of the four mine gems that will end the round.

Betting: On Epic Gems, you load the game, and on the home screen you are presented with a graphic where you will select your stake.  Players can bet £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 per shot.  This decision is important as it will become your stake for the entirety of your shot and will affect your potential win amount.  Essentially, the higher your stake, the more you will win as the starting point for your win amount is the value of your stake.

Payouts: On Epic Gems, what you are can win will be determined by the stake you select on the home screen.  Once you have selected your stake, you will begin picking gems, and each time you select a non-mine gem, a random cash amount will be added to your cash pot at the side of the reels.  If you select seven gems in a row without hitting a mine, you will have won double your stake. However, you do not need to end their you can keep on selecting gems, but that will increase the risk of hitting one of the four mines which will mean you win nothing for that turn.