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Do you think that you have what it takes to perform the perfect yo yo trick? Eyecon have you covered with their brand new slot game – YoYo's Wild. This game is full of exciting tricks and big jackpots that are sure to make your day very special. You'll get to win across 25 paylines as you spin the 5 reels full of exciting symbols. Try out YoYo's Wild today to get your hands on a lot of cash!

Our Verdict: Eyecon have come up with a really original idea in this game, and we love how they have incorporated the yo yo theme across the whole game including the bonus features. Bets start as low as 1p per spin and go up to £2 per spin. This means that this game is for those who don't like to risk it all. Of course, there is still an exciting jackpot of £10,000 which could go to those who are very lucky. Yo Yo's Wild is exciting, and fun so make sure to try it out.

Design: If you are looking for a futuristic neon game then this might just be the one for you. There are plenty of yo yo's in sight including those which spin down the reels and reveal all of your brand new symbols. The symbols that you want to land are the yo yo symbols, but if you land the card face value symbols, you'll still get your hands on a decent amount of cash. We love this design and can't wait to see what Eyecon do next!

Wild Symbol: The wild symbol in this game is really exciting as it will swap out for any of the symbols on the reels, excluding the scatter symbol. The wild symbol looks just like a red yo yo and features the word wild below it, so you can spot it easily. This symbol will help you to make a lot more winning combinations!

Bonus Feature: One of the most exciting features in this game has to be the bonus feature which will add many more wilds to your reels and make this game even wilder. Trigger this round when you land the bonus symbols on the reels in a combination of 3. Once you do, new yo yo tricks will start appearing including the Around The World trick that you have probably tried out before. Watch as your prize fund soars and you make a lot more money on this game.

Gamble Bonus: The final feature that you should know about in this game is the gamble bonus which can double your winnings. Of course, this is a gamble so if you don't predict the right answer then you might end up losing your win! This feature is only for those who are feeling brave so take a spin today and see what you can win!